Meet the Lay Panel

The lay panel for this consensus conference is made up of 14 people from the Boston area. The panel was selected to represent the demographic make-up of Boston with regards to age, sex, income, and ethnicity. We asked the lay panel what information they would feel comfortable having on the web site, and here's what they provided.

  • Alex Papali
  • Bruce Glover
  • Edward L. Shaddock Jr., Milton, MA
  • Garry Faradjian, Arlington, MA
  • Jean Burrelle
  • Jennifer
  • Judy A. Baker, Dorchester, MA
  • L.G. Simonson
  • Marcia, Brookline, MA
  • Martha
  • Martha Glover, Dorchester, MA
  • Maureen
  • Reynaldo Balmes Jr.
  • Z. Zsido, Newton, MA