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Maddy Osman

Web Developer & Writer

Your logo is like your brand’s signature. And a professional quality brand logo is vital to every brand, even small businesses. But hiring a professional logo designer is expensive. Paying for a good company logo design can cost anywhere between $300 and $1,300—sometimes well over $2,500, depending on the complexity of the design.

But what if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional?

That’s where online logo makers come in. Logo makers are DIY platforms that make it easy for anyone to create a new logo in minutes.

But online logo makers come in a wide variety of costs and features, so it’s important to do your research and find the one that best suits your needs.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best online logo makers to help you create a logo that perfectly represents your brand identity and captures the attention of your target audience.

What Are The Best Online Logo Makers?

  • Wix Logo Maker
  • Canva
  • Adobe Express Logo Maker
  • Hatchful by Shopify
  • Looka
  • Tailor Brands
  • Squarespace Logo Maker

1. Wix Logo MakerStart screen for the Wix Logo Maker.

With Wix Logo Maker, you can create a unique logo to represent your brand in minutes. This intuitive design tool uses an advanced algorithm that asks questions about your business and industry before providing customizable logos tailored just for you.

From there, you can customize fonts, colors, and layouts until you come up with something you love.

Wix Logo Maker helps you visualize your new logo’s impact with mockups showing your logo on different materials and situations, from business cards to social media profiles.

While you don’t need a Wix website to use the free logo maker, you can access it for free from your dashboard if you do have one.


  • Free: Create and customize your logo until you’re happy with it.
  • Basic Plan: $49 for full commercial usage rights to one logo with eight files in color, grayscale, and monochrome.
  • Advanced Plan: $99 adds resizable SVG vector, social media, and mobile-optimized files.

Ease of use: User-friendly interface with AI tools for easy logo design.

Customization options: Extensive range of design elements, colors, and fonts to choose from.

Best online logo maker for: Creating high-resolution logos.

2. Canva

Canva’s free online logo maker start screen.

Canva is a popular online graphic design platform providing templates, including a free logo maker.

With Canva, you can explore a large library of fonts and design elements. Even without design experience, you can craft something special thanks to the user-friendly interface and the platform’s massive library of free and paid elements.

You also get unlimited edits, so you can tweak your logo until it’s just right or create different logos to compare. Once you’re ready, you can download the logos in PNG, JPG, or PDF formats for convenient use anywhere.


  • Free: Create and customize your logo with limited graphic choices, features, and download options.
  • Pro Plan: $12.99/month adds features like Brand Kit, Premium Templates, Magic Resize, 100+ million stock photos, more download options, and customizable professional logo templates.

Ease of use: Simple and intuitive interface.

Customization options: Ability to recolor and resize most elements and add special effects.

Best online logo maker for: Creating heavily customized logos.

3. Adobe Express Logo Maker

Adobe Express Logo Maker’s start page.

Adobe Express Logo Maker is a powerful yet easy-to-use app that allows you to create a custom logo within minutes.

Adobe’s AI-powered tool uses a simple questionnaire to create logos based on your input using the platform’s extensive fonts, icons, and templates library. There are also more elements available in a paid premium library. Select from several options and then adjust fonts and colors to your preference.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, export it in various high-resolution file formats, including PNG and JPG.

Adobe Express Logo Maker strikes a solid balance between ease of use and customization capability.


  • Free: Create and customize your logo with limited features.
  • Monthly Plan: $9.99 for premium logos and export options.

Ease of use: Intuitive interface with AI tools to help create unique logos.

Customization options: Ability to adjust colors and fonts.

Best online logo maker for: AI-generated logos.

4. Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful by Shopify’s online logo maker start page.

Created by folks at Shopify, Hatchful is a free logo maker that offers hundreds of professionally-designed logo templates that will make your brand pop. While created by Shopify, you don’t need a Shopify store to use Hatchful. You can easily access Hatchful directly from your Shopify dashboard if you are a Shopify store owner.

Hatchful asks a series of questions about your business name, industry, and style and generates a group of logos that reflects your brand. Test out several free logo designs from the choices by customizing colors and fonts to create your own logo.

Finished logos can be downloaded as high-resolution images optimized for social media, business cards, and more.

Pricing: Free.

Ease of use: User-friendly interface with AI tools for easy logo design.

Customization options: Customizable colors, fonts, and graphics.

Best online logo maker for: Visualizing a wide variety of logo options.

5. Looka

Looka’s AI-powered online logo maker homepage.

Looka is a powerful online logo maker with an advanced editing tool that uses artificial technology to help you craft the perfect logo for your business.

Enter your company name and industry, and Looka will generate hundreds of custom logo mockups for you to choose from. You can also change colors, symbols, sizing, and more with Looka’s easy-to-use editor.

Once you are happy with your logo, you can download over 15 logo files that you can use across all mediums. Looka also offers other services like business card design, website design, and social media kit to go with your new logo.

While Looka is not a free service, you can make post-purchase changes until you get a logo design you’re happy with.


  • Basic Logo: $20 for one low-resolution file without a transparent background.
  • Premium Logo: $65 for High-resolution file types, unlimited logo changes, lifetime technical support, and full logo ownership.
  • Brand Kit: $96/annually for high-resolution file types, unlimited changes, lifetime technical support, full ownership, email signatures, and more.
  • Brand Kit Web: $192/annually for all brand kit features plus an AI-generated website.

Ease of use: User-friendly interface with AI tools for easy logo design.

Customization options: Wide range of customization options, including customizable colors, designs, and graphics.

Best online logo maker for: Creating a complete logo and brand kit.

6. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands online logo maker start page.

Tailor Brands is an online logo maker that offers comprehensive logo design services to businesses. They also offer domain names, websites, LLC formation, and more.

That product range is reflected in their initial questionnaire that asks about a lot more than just your logo needs. Using a uniquely styled quiz-based approach, Tailor Brands collects detailed information about a business’s industry, style preferences, and what presence your brand currently has from the user.

After the questionnaire is filled out and you select logo creation, you get a range of logo options and associated ready-to-use graphics for social media and ads, all in high-quality vector files. And just like that, you have a unique logo tailored to your needs.

Tailor Brands offers the tools you need to create a unique and personalized logo. With the platform’s range of customizations, you can tailor each design element exactly how you want it—from typeface size, shape, and color to background textures.


  • Basic: $9.99/month for high-quality logo files, social media logo sizes, and all design templates.
  • Standard: $19.99/month for all Basic Plan features plus vector EPS files and branded business deck.
  • Premium: $49.99/month for all Premium Plan features plus access to your own e-commerce store and social media files.

Ease of use: Intuitive and user-friendly.

Customization options: Large selection of customization options, including layout, color, font, tagline, and more.

Best online logo maker for: Vector-based logos.

7. Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace Logo Maker home page.

Squarespace Logo Maker is a feature of the Squarespace website builder. It enables anyone to easily create a unique logo for their business or brand in a few clicks without any design experience required.

Thanks to the tool’s wide range of customization options, users can customize their logo with a range of fonts and colors to create something that’s truly unique and representative of their brand.

If your logo needs something extra, Squarespace Logo Maker provides access to a library of professional illustrations and icons to add to your design.

If you don’t have a Squarespace account, take note of their licensing details if you plan on using the logo outside of a Squarespace site. You can still use Squarespace Logo Maker to craft a logo for your business, but you’ll have to pay $10 to download a high-resolution logo.


  • Free: Free for Squarespace account holders.
  • Per Logo: $10 per high-resolution logo download for non-Squarespace accounts.

Ease of use: Very straightforward.

Customization options: Extensive font, color, and emblem selection.

Best online logo maker for: Squarespace website builder users.

Final Word: The 7 Best Logo Makers

Best online logo generators.

You don’t have to be a design expert or a Fortune 500 company to create and afford a unique logo for your business. With the right online logo generator, you can create a professional-looking logo that will bring your brand to life while still fitting your budget.

Whether you’re looking for a simplified AI-based logo maker, a comprehensive suite of design tools, or something budget-friendly, there’s an online logo maker to fit your needs.

But a logo is just the beginning for your brand. Take your brand to new heights by crafting a stunning website with top-notch web design software and great web hosting.

With these essential components in place, your company has nowhere to go but up.